Hope Inc.

Sweetest Memory!

This time fifteen years ago, I gave birth to my youngest boy (thus far), Marcus! It was surreal because his actual due date was Valentine’s Day, and I remember thinking there

was no way he would be born on that day. I was 25 years old, and studying for a huge nursing exam with some friends and fellow nursing students on February 12, 2005. I remember driving home and having a talk with Marcus telling him to not be late (like his older brother was) and to come on time. Marcus has always been laid back and a pretty obedient child. Without any delay, I started having contractions five minutes apart the next morning and after a day of waiting, Marcus was born on Valentine’s Day morning. What a great love gift for me and my family!

Today, as we wait for RJ to bless our lives, I think about all of the great expectations this year brings. We had ten graduates that are just beginning their new careers and a life full of great expectation, and another seven single parents that will be graduating this year and ready to experience the beginning of their new normal. A life without school, and hopefully, a life full of opportunity.

This year, I hope this day means more to you than just flowers and chocolates. I hope you realize that you have been the sweetest gift to me and 195 other people. And I pray it’s evident that you course-corrected generations to come and your gift is invaluable to people like Valerie! Read her thoughts about your gift in her own words…

“I would like to thank you for all of your help! Your unwavering support of me pursuing my degree is truly a blessing. Your support allowed me to put forth more time to study. The financial support, along with the motivational support you continued to show for me and my family, will never be forgotten. Your program to assist mothers who are trying to do better, and be better, is nothing short of amazing! It’s hard to commit to a full-time program while trying to juggle being a single mother and working. With your support, you’ve allowed me to be an example to my daughters. The seminars, assistance for summer camp and your personal phone calls have been a true testament to a prayer that was answered.” Not only has Valerie graduated, but her oldest daughter is getting a full ride to college! How about that for impact?!?

Happy Valentine’s Day H.O.P.E Family! You’re the gift that keeps on giving!


Kenita Smith, BBA. MBA, MA
President/CEO & Founder
H.O.P.E, Inc.

P.S. We have more exciting news to come! Look out for it.