Hope Inc.

About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

Empower, encourage, and equip low-income single parents to obtain a college degree, develop essential life skills, and ultimately become self-sufficient. We do this by providing our single parent students with: 1. Financial assistance for housing and childcare 2. A facilitator to connect our students to community resources 3. Financial literacy and a game plan for financial independence 4. Counseling resources and success coaching

Vision Statement

Our single parents and their families break the cycle of poverty and become hopeful, self-sufficient, and increase their contribution to society.


We believe in education. We believe in family. We believe in giving to those in need. We believe in overcoming obstacles & Statistics.


Is to have a positive impact on the single parent college dropout statistic rates, an increase in educational opportunity and academic success for parents involved in our program, economic sufficiency for our participants and satisfaction of daily needs.

Impact in the Community

We believe that our program will impact the community by providing educational and financial opportunity for low-income families, which affects poverty levels in our community and increases the quality of life for low income families and children in
the community affected.